Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning questions answered on one page!

Can I bring my own stuff?

Sure can! $10 per box (on top of the booking fee) and items should be able to fit through a regular door with a few exceptions: No CRT televisions, no snowglobes, and no thermometers. We also have the right to deny anything that's too crazy.

Do you have only one location?

As of right now, yes, however we are planning on creating a Mobile Break Room soon so we can come to you!

Why aren't you open more often?

We are starting with limited hours but will be open more often if there's a demand! 

What if I want to smash more?

We have items available for purchase if the package you purchased doesn't quench your thirst for destruction.

Can i destroy the walls and ceilings of the break room?

Um, no.

Do I need to bring any special gear?

Nope! We provide everything you need to be nice and safe. We only ask you wear closed-toed shoes, as anything else is not allowed.

I'm under 18 but really wanna smash, can i?

We currently can't let anyone under 12 into The Break Room (Sorry kiddos!) but anyone 12-17 years old can Take a Break with parental accompaniment.