Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning questions answered on one page!

i heard you are open and I want to come break stuff. how can i? 

I'm sorry to say we've been having an ongoing struggle finding a permanent home. We've been pretty nomadic so far doing pop-up events around the cities but have yet to establish a solid home base. We are still looking as well as working on a plan for a mobile Break Room. Keep your eyes and ears pealed and we hope to be up and operating again soon. And if you know of any good spaces you can email us at ;) 

Can I bring my own stuff?

Sure can! $10 per box (on top of the booking fee) and items should be able to fit through a regular door with a few exceptions: No CRT televisions, no snowglobes (they STINK!), and no thermometers. We also have the right to deny anything that's too crazy.

But I really really want to smash an old tube tv. Why can't i? 

I know, we do too. Unfortunately old CRT TVs and monitors can be very dangerous to us and the environment. CRTs are vacuum sealed so if you hit them a certain way they will IMPLODE and shoot heavily leaded glass shrapnel in unwieldy directions at a very high speed. Sounds rad but it's incredibly dangerous. CRT glass is also coated in several pounds of lead putting everyone at risk of lead poisoning. If you have a CRT you need to get rid of we recommend contacting Tech Dump and they'll make sure that TV or monitor is recycled responsibly.

Do you have only one location?

As of right now, yes, however we are planning on creating a Mobile Break Room soon so we can come to you!
We are currently hosting events at 3449 N. 2nd St in Minneapolis but we've been pretty nomadic so you never know where we'll end up next!

Why aren't you open more often?

We are starting with limited hours but will be open more often if there's a demand! 

What if I want to smash more?

We have items and additional packages available if the package you reserved doesn't quench your thirst for destruction.

Do I need to bring any special gear?

Nope! We provide everything you need to be nice and safe. We only ask you wear closed-toed shoes/boots with a thick sole to keep your sweet feet safe.

I'm under 18 but really wanna smash, can i?

We currently can't let anyone under 12 into The Break Room (Sorry kiddos!) but anyone 12-17 years old can Take a Break with the presence/supervision and consent of a parent or legal guardian.  

Sure seems like you guys are making a bunch of trash. What's up with that? do You guys hate the environment or something?

Everything we break in The Break Room is being intercepted on it's way to the landfill. We are working with local recycling companies to ensure everything that can be recycled responsibly is and even brainstorming unique ways to reuse what can't be recycled. 

Can I bring my dog/cat/snake/whatever? 

While we love your furry (and non-furry) friends, they'd be much happier and safer at home. 

Do I really have to sign a waiver?

Yes! The Break Room is super fun but can also be a physically strenuous activity. There is risk of injury when swinging sledgehammers and breaking glass. While we do take serious precautions to keep you safe there is a risk of injury. We are happy to accommodate various physical limitations if we are notified ahead of time but The Break Room is not recommended for persons suffering from asthma, epilepsy, cardio/respiratory disorder, hypertension, or skeletal, joint or ligament problems or conditions, and certain mental illnesses. 

I'm pregnant and need to break some stuff before this child breaks their way out of me. Can I? 

I am so sorry momma, but due to the highly physical nature of The Break Room it's just not safe. But please come back after the little nugget is born. We know new parents need a serious Break.