Smash and Destroy at The Break Room

By Lauren Beaubaire - November 14, 2017

Cue the Office Space soundtrack, grab your baseball bat, haul out your most hated electronic, and head over to The Break Room. Theresa Purcell, the Smash Lord Supreme, created what we’ve all been dreaming of: A place to let loose, de-stress, and smash objects to our hearts’ desire.

During her college days, Purcell used to release the stress of finals by smashing and breaking things until she felt better, ready to hit the books and study again. She took this idea and created The Break Room as a much needed outlet for others to come and vent their frustrations in the most gratifying of ways. The Break Room provides all the safety gear and your choice of tools for destruction (which includes bats, hammers, and the ever-so-satisfying sledgehammer). You can bring your own objects to destroy and smash, or you can let The Break Room provide all the goods: dishes, glassware, phones, computers, mirrors, coffee tables, musical instruments, old cars…

The Break Room collects it’s breakables by intercepting them on the way to the landfill, and then works with local recycling companies to properly dispose of the objects after the smashing and demolishing. So not only will you feel great from the endorphin rush of obliterating objects, but you can feel good that you’re helping the environment as well.

Whether it’s releasing stress from watching the news, a particularly long day at work, or simply because it’s amazingly fun, The Break Room is what we all need. You can finally live out your Office Space fantasy and check out The Break Room’s website for prices and times.

The Break Room on Twin Cities Live

Everybody needs a little de-stressing at some point and now there’s a spot in the twin cities to really let loose. The Break Room is just what it sounds like. It’s a room where you get to break all sorts of things. Theresa Purcell is what she calls the Smash Lord Supreme. She’s the owner of The Break Room. Theresa says she used to love to release stress by smashing things for fun in college during finals. She’d pick up the pieces and get back to work. She’d also feel a whole lot better. Now, she’s offering that same outlet for frustrated folks. She also says it’s just fun.

Theresa says everyone has a story when they come in to break things. Even though they come in for different reasons, but they all leave feeling better. The Break Room offers special packages with different price points. They provide the clothing, you provide the closed toed shoes, preferably boots.

The Break Room offers BYOB or bring your own breakables. To learn more about The Break Room and or to book your time slot,  click here.


Posted on November 6, 2017

Most of us sit around all day dreaming of the “recreational destruction” of our prison-like work places, wishing we could go Office Space on a printer or laptop or even someone’s World’s Best Boss mug. Well, keep your day job, The Break Room now has spots open the 1st Monday (today!) and 3rd Saturday of each month to grab and smash all sorts of things, and you can even bring in and bust your own stuff (uh, no, we haven’t seen your mug, sorry). They even offer romantic couples times to pre-screen any potential long-term relationships you might be getting into. Various times. $15-90. —Hank Stacks

The Break Room;

Something to be excited about!

We're super happy to be listed with Can Can Wonderland on Visit Saint Paul's list of Reasons to Get Excited about Saint Paul in 2017! 

Can Can Wonderland will be Can't Miss Awesome

Once a sprawling complex that manufactured metal food cans for Carnation, Campbell's Soup, Del Monte, and others, the former American Can Company will be home to Can Can Wonderland. This ultra artist-inspired destination includes an 18 hole mini golf course, arts-based fauna and flora, a boardwalk full of attractions and amusements, two stages, beer and noshes - there are even a few unicorns! Additionally, Can Can Wonderland will also be home to The Break Room which will provide "recreational destruction for the masses."  It's all expected to open in early 2017. 

Thanks Star Trib!


You can now smash things for fun at new St. Paul business, the Break Room

Take a sledgehammer to 2016 on New Year's Eve. 

By Sharyn Jackson - Star Tribune

DECEMBER 29, 2016

The Break Room in St. Paul has a soft opening on New Year's Eve.

For those who think 2016 kicked our collective butts (e.g. the losses of Prince and Princess Leia, Zika ruining our tropical vacations, the longest election ever), now there’s a way to kick back. Pick up a sledgehammer, don some protective gear and start smashing.

At the Break Room, St. Paul’s newest form of indoor recreation, participants take something heavy and collide it with something breakable, all for a feel-good time. It’s the latest addition to a worldwide trend of businesses cropping up so that people can safely let off steam in a satisfyingly destructive way.

You can try it out on New Year’s Eve at the soft opening of Can Can Wonderland (755 Prior Av. N., Suite #004, St. Paul), an artist-designed mini golf course (with alcohol), where there are two small “break rooms.” The independent business officially opens inside of Can Can Wonderland on Jan. 20 — “the day of the inauguration, not a coincidence,” said founder Theresa Purcell.

Eventually, customers will be able to book 5-minute blocks to smash as many glass, ceramic and plastic breakables as they can load into a bin. When the Break Room acquires special items, like giant ceramic toilets, the privilege of breaking them apart will come with a higher price tag.

“People don’t quite picture how fun it is,” said Purcell, who smashed her share of bottles in an alleyway in Caledonia, in southwest Minnesota, during her childhood. “It’s an endorphin release, it’s physical, it’s such an experience.”

While her bottle-smashing was just teenage antics, Purcell, 33, hit a stress wall at her tech job about a year ago. “I was having a bad day, and thinking, ‘Man, I just want to smash everything around me.’”

Her fantasy was something like the famous scene from the 1999 film “Office Space,” in which three disgruntled employees go to town on a printer.

So, Purcell decided to make a business out of it, adding the Break Room to her varied portfolio — she’s a blood special effects artist at the Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement, curator of the Trash Film Debauchery film series, producer of the Mortified live storytelling series, and a beekeeper.

“I’ve really enjoyed providing recreational experiences but struggled to make a living out of it,” she said. “I hope the Break Room can bridge that gap.”

Besides, people need a place to let go of their anger.

“I think people are just feeling a lot of things right now,” she said.

Other break room-style businesses, like the Anger Room in Dallas and the Rage Room in Toronto, specifically welcome people who have some aggression to get out. But Purcell intends for the Break Room to have a more positive vibe. It’s a decidedly Minnesota approach.

“I’m not a particularly angry person,” she said. “When I smash things, I’m not doing it because I need to let out a burst of aggression. I just love the sound of broken glass.”

To try out the Break Room on New Year’s Eve, you need to buy tickets to Can Can Wonderland’s New Year’s Eve party ($100). Go here for more information.


New Year's eve WONDER PARTY at Can Can Wonderland

Want a preview of The Break Room?

Presenting: WONDER PARTY! Here's your chance to see a completed Can Can Wonderland before we open to the public. We're throwing an epic New Year's Eve party. Tickets are required!

This magical evening will include:

- artist-designed mini golf
- live performance by the Brass Messengers
- amazing drinks by Bittercube
- delicious food from Chowgirls Killer Catering
- a fashion show
- a karate demonstration
- Breaking objects in the The Break Room (for fun!)
- The Illuminated Reef and its school of light up fishies
- buskers
- jugglers
- and more being added!!!

There are a limited number of tickets so make your reservations asap! Get them HERE.